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The 9th China (Shanghai) International Spring and processing equipment exhibition 2019,It will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Centre on 22-24 April 2019, The spring industry elites from all over the world will be invited to study and explore the development of the spring industry£¬Through the professional, market-oriented, international, brand operation£¬China Shanghai spring industry exhibition will become the industry's premier event.¡£
Spring industry in the whole manufacturing industry, although it is a small industry£¬But its role is absolutely not to be underestimated¡£The state's industrial manufacturing and auto industry should speed up development£¬As one of the basic parts and parts, the spring industry needs more development of super early stage£¬In order to adapt to the rapid development of the country's entire industry¡£The development of spring industry must have the development of manufacturing Spring Technology¡£The exhibition covers basically the entire spring equipment manufacturing enterprises£¬800
manufacturers from all over the world will show their cutting-edge spring manufacturing technology¡£The number of visitors is expected to reach 30,000£¬The turnover amounted to 170 million £¬For the development of China's spring industry has played a huge impetus.

The 9th China (Shanghai) International Spring and processing equipment exhibition 2019  
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