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Spring related products and raw materials  Automobile spring, motorcycle spring, valve spring, clutch spring, damping spring, oil pump spring, high temperature spring, die spring, hydraulic support springCoil spring, plate spring, stabilizer bar, disc springs, spring, shaped spring, spring wire, wireSpecial materials such as special steel, stainless steel, sheet metal, pipe material, etc.;

Spring manufacturing technology and equipment, computer spring manufacturing machine、Computer spring press, spring machine, spring grinder, bending machine, coil spring machine, grinding machine, leaf spring quenching machine, coil earphone, leaf spring mill、Shot peening equipment and other special equipment;

All kinds of spring testing instruments and equipment spring testing machineTorsion spring testing machine and material testing machineHardness tester, spring tension and compression test machine, gas spring characteristic test machineCold and hot test equipment, test equipment, anti-corrosion performance testing machine, spring fatigue test machine, spring load sorting machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC spring coiling machine, computer spring machine, spring testing machine, polishing machine, tension meterSpecial instrument for detecting flaw detection equipmentAll kinds of parts and related technical equipment

The 9th China (Shanghai) International Spring and processing equipment exhibition 2019  
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